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The company has passed the quality certification standard ISO2000 and aspires to become a high-quality conveyor equipment manufacturer

  • Rotary kiln

    Rotary kilns are composed of processes such as gas flow, fuel combustion, heat transfer, and material movement. Rotary kilns are how to fully combust fuel, effectively transfer heat from fuel combustion to materials, and undergo a series of physical and chemical changes after receiving heat, ultimately forming finished clinker.

  • Mixer

    Cylinder mixer is a commonly used mixing equipment, mainly used to mix dry powder or granular materials to achieve a uniform mixing effect. It is mainly composed of a cylinder, a feed inlet, a discharge outlet, a rotating shaft, and spiral blades. Cylinder mixer is mainly used for mixing chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgical and other industries, such as fertilizer, feed, pharmaceuticals, dry powder coatings, etc. It should be noted that when using a cylindrical mixer, it is necessary to control the feeding amount of materials to avoid exceeding the carrying capacity of the equipment; At the same time, attention should be paid to the specific gravity, particle size, and properties of the mixed materials to ensure the mixing effect and safe operation of the equipment.

  • fittings of a machine

    Mechanical accessories refer to various components used for connection, transmission, support, control, and other functions in mechanical equipment. There are various types of mechanical accessories, and different types of mechanical accessories have different characteristics and uses. Appropriate accessories should be selected based on the characteristics and working environment of the mechanical equipment. In the maintenance of mechanical equipment, the inspection and replacement of mechanical accessories is very important, which can effectively extend the service life and maintenance cycle of mechanical equipment.

  • Large structural members

    Large structural components refer to components with large size and heavy weight, such as bridges, pressure vessels, generator sets, etc., which usually require the use of large equipment and professional technology for manufacturing. It should be noted that the processes and methods for manufacturing large structural components may vary depending on specific work requirements, but generally, relevant specifications and standards need to be strictly followed to ensure that the quality and safety performance of the manufactured products meet the requirements.

  • Plate feeder

    Plate feeder is a material conveying equipment widely used in mining, cement, metallurgy and other industries. Its working principle is to transport materials to a predetermined position through a motor driven reducer or planetary reducer. Compared with other types of feeders, plate feeders have the advantages of continuous conveying, uniform feeding, long conveying distance, long service life, and convenient maintenance.

  • Company Equipment

    Gear hobbing machine is a special machine tool for manufacturing gears. It uses the gear hobbing method to process gears, and is one of the important equipment for manufacturing high-precision gears. It should be noted that the machining accuracy and stability of gear hobbing machines are affected by various factors, such as the accuracy of the machine tool, the material and shape of the gears, and factors such as lubrication, cooling, and tool selection need to be considered. Therefore, when using a gear hobbing machine for machining, it is necessary to have experienced technical personnel for operation and maintenance to ensure the normal operation and machining accuracy of the equipment.

  • Gear processing equipment

    Gear is a common mechanical transmission component, widely used in various mechanical equipment. In order to produce high-precision and high-quality gears, it is necessary to use specialized gear processing equipment. These equipment have the characteristics of high accuracy, high efficiency, and high automation, which can meet the requirements of different gear processing and improve production efficiency and processing accuracy. However, it should be noted that using these equipment requires professional technical personnel to operate and maintain it to ensure its normal operation and processing accuracy.

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Our customers cover various industries such as cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, and machinery.

Why Zhuzhou Huawei Power?

The company adheres to high efficiency, energy conservation, economy, and environmental protection, and can design and customize according to the on-site needs of users.

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Company strength +

Designated professional production enterprises in cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, and machinery

Zhuzhou Huawei Electric Power Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a designated professional manufacturer of cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, and machinery, with a plant area of 80000 meters ², It has 10m, 8m, 5m vertical lathes, 8m, 5m gear hobbing machines, Φ four point five × 20m cylinder special lathe, Φ six × Hundreds of sets of 20m tempering furnace and related supporting special, general, and chemical testing equipment, with a fixed asset value of 450 million yuan. Can produce and manufacture a complete set of production equipment for cement plants with an annual output of less than 1 million tons, and can also provide for metallurgical power plants, coal ash deep processing, mineral processing plants, and ceramic factories Φ 1.2m- Φ 4.2m series grinding equipment. Scope: Manufacturing of mining machinery; Sales of mining machinery; Manufacturing of special equipment for environmental protection; Sales of special equipment for environmental protection; Manufacturing of mechanical and electrical equipment: sales of mechanical and electrical equipment; Sales of metal products; Metal material manufacturing; Chemical Products Sales: Metallurgical Special Equipment Manufacturing: Bearings, Gears, and Transmission Parts Sales


Business coverage +

Acting for major brands to provide you with cost-effective solutions

Zhuzhou Huawei Electric Power Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a wide range of businesses, including metallurgy, chemical engineering, cement, machinery, mining, and forging and other fields, with a wide coverage. Its products and services involve various fields of the national economy. We will, as always, uphold the business philosophy of "striving for survival by quality, promoting development by quality, focusing on efficiency, seeking truth and innovation to compete for the top", providing high-quality products and services to customers, and constantly pursuing innovation.


technical support +

Provide professional technical support to customers

Our company attaches great importance to technical support and is committed to providing customers with comprehensive and high-level technical support services. First of all, we have a skilled and experienced technical support team. They come from different fields and industries, with rich practical experience and professional skills, and can provide customers with good technical solutions and support services based on their needs and specific circumstances. Secondly, we have established a complete technical support system. We provide customers with 24/7, rapid response technical support services, including telephone, email, online consultation, and other forms, to ensure that customers can receive timely answers and processing when encountering problems.


after-sale service +

Comprehensive after-sales service

The company takes customer satisfaction as its highest pursuit, providing customers with comprehensive, efficient, and fast after-sales service. We have established a complete after-sales service system. We provide customers with 24-hour online service to answer their questions and provide technical support at any time. We have also established an after-sales service center to provide customers with after-sales services, including maintenance, replacement, upgrading, and other services. We also have a professional after-sales service team. Our after-sales service team is composed of experienced engineers with superb technical skills and rich after-sales service experience, capable of providing customers with fast, accurate, and professional after-sales service.


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